Gammel ready to kick it

The 2011 season saw the Warhawks struggle to flip the field on opponents in the punting game. Averaging just 36.4 yards per punt, the duties were split between the now departed Aaron Munoz and returning sophomore Connor Fryoux. After a red shirt season though, freshman Caleb Gammel looks to be the answer to the kicking woes at ULM.
"I learned from Aaron and Connor last year that the snap to kick time is really important," Gammel said. "You have to get the ball off quick and have good hang-time."
Last season the Warhawks averaged just 36.4 yards per punt, with Fryoux holding the better average with 37.8. In his high school career, Gammel averaged 42.7 yards, leading Head Coach Todd Berry to make the offer to him.
His success should not come as a surprise though, Caleb's father Scott played the position for ULM during the time of the 1987 FCS national championship. Additionally his uncle, Lane, was a Warhawk quarterback from 1993-94.
Despite his deep ULM roots and solid past performances, Gammel knows he still has more to learn this season while transitioning into the starting role.
"I've learned to make smarter decisions on and off the field over the past year," he said. "I just go out every day and try to give my hundred to get better and faster whether in the weight room, or at practice running."