Monday Mailbag

Recruiting for Wednesday's National Signing Day is wrapping up, with early
thoughts on who stands out. A coaching short list and more in this week's
Monday Mailbag sponsored by Monago

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Q. The final week of visits were this weekend for ULM. Based on the
commits so far, who stands out the most to you?
A. At 6'5, Brennen Bradley has the build of a solid
collegiate receiver, add to it the play he displays on his highlights show why
he's a ULM target. Bradley checked out the ULM campus this past
weekend, and while his commitment status remains unknown, the commitment of Anthony
Monken is known, having pulled the trigger some time ago. Monken,
while not quite developed enough to take over the Warhawk program, I think he's
the offensive player that excites me the most. With the ULM offensive line
measuring and average of 6'3", the future quarterback will have to have height
to see down field, something that he is more than capable of. Defensively,
Hunter Swain has the potential to be a great player on the defensive
line due to his strength and intensity.
Q. What's the difference between WarhawkReport and WarhawkNation?
A. This site is affiliated with Rivals.com, and they are with Scout.
For the most part they are the same, providing a place for fans to get
information on the Warhawks. WarhawkNation has more of a fan approach
coverage, while WarhawkReport is more of a media outlet, providing coverage for
the Warhawks and recruiting.. Both sites are independent of the
Q. You're the athletic director, who's on your short list, should
the major sport coaches leave?
A. With the coaches reading this, I hope none do since I enjoy working
with them all, but to answer your question -
Football - Mario Cristobal - Alabama offensive line coach, Ron Robert - Head
Coach Southeastern Louisiana
MBB - Basketball - promote assistant Ryan Cross, Steve Forbes - Wichita State
assistant, Kory McCray - LSU assistant
WBB - Basketball - really don't know enough, but would go after a regionally
tied assistant from an outside program.
Baseball - Dan Heefner - Head Coach Dallas Baptist, Casey Dunn - Head Coach
Samford, Cliff Godwin - Ole Miss assistant.
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