Reporting Day Wrap-Up

With only one month before the Warhawks open the season at #3 Texas, 104 players reported to ULM's Malone Stadium for reporting day. The talk was plenty as ULM has several story lines ranging from Trey Revell taking over at the QB position to defensive coordinator Troy Reffett's defensive scheme change to a new 3-3-5.
"Reporting is a hassle mostly for the incoming freshman," senior Otis Stamps said of reporting day. "I'm just excited about tomorrow (Thursday) being the first day of practice and seeing some guys that I haven't seen over the summer."
Incoming players had to first stop by Director of Football Operations Chuck Hepola's office for a check on paper work and eligibility status. From there the training staff ensured all insurance and medical release forms were completed, before a final stop to get fitted with equipment.
"I'm excited to get our players in here," Head Coach Charlie Weatherbie said. "We'll start the day off with some compliance meetings, and have a little get together this afternoon. We'll start tomorrow off with our first meeting at 6am, followed by conditioning at 6:30."
The focus of the Warhawks during the off season to build on the lessons of last season's near miss wins has been evident, as they adopted a "Sell-Out" mentality.
"One of our slogans this year was to be Sold Out," Weatherbie said. "Sold Out to one another, sold out and committed to winning a conference championship and the New Orleans Bowl."
First up for ULM this season will be Texas on September 5th in a 6pm pay-per-view contest. This match-up drew a comparison from media and Coach Weatherbie to Kentucky Derby winner Mine that Bird.
"Mine that Warhawk I call it, 50 to 1 odds and that horse won, so why not," Weatherbie said of the comparison.